Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decoding A Truly Celestial Update

This post is not ready yet. I accidentaly clicked Publish. Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ask Freddy a Question Editon 2

I have gotten a comment from The Overacheiving Necromancer!


Ok, maybe not :P I don't even own a gun so.... uh... here's the question.

Ahem, cue the drumroll...

I need help, is it better to farm General Akilles for the Blue Ghost or just wait until someone sells it at the bazaar? I fought him 163 times exactly, with no ghost. Please help if you can. Love the blog.

Well, lemme check the wiki for drop rates....

This is the page on blue ghosts.

Now, on the General Akilles page it says Blue Ghosts have a drop percentage of 2%.

2%???!!!! That's like one fifth of the time wild bolt will hit!!!!!

But, bazaar sniping is boring. And the only things people ever sell to the bazaar are items you could just buy in the pet shop like piggles and goat monks anyways.

I would say farm Akilles with a friend, because it's so much more fun with a friend ;) If you show up in the bazaar I would say maybe spend 3 minutes trying to find it. But it's your choice.

You might want to think if it's worth it or not. If you have farmed him like 163 times you might want to take a break you know. :P Maybe farm him later.

That's all the help I can give, hope it works out for you!

-Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I hate tower hobos more than mob hobos in Dragonspyre.

I hate you, tower hobos
with your freaky smiles
and your weird grins
I think you are vile

I hate you, tower hobos
And your towers too
Clear out the place
It's dusty and has cobwebs too

I hate you, tower hobos
My friends can't port in
And you keep on
annoying me with your freakish grins

I hate you, tower hobos,
just standing there on a floor,
You have no life
Just kick the bucket out the door

I hate you, tower hobos
But I hate the quest-giver even more
the guy that says Go and fight
a million enemies that dementedly roar

I hate you quest-givers
Why don't you help me?
instead of standing there
loitering like a hobo

Tower hobos, quest-givers
you are all the same
Just kick the bucket
give me the loot
Don't give me a hard time

For it's all the same!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hints about Celestia

Yes! YEAH! Great! THIS IS AWESOME! YEAH! *punches window*

*glass shatters*

Errr... >.> Bad idea...

If you want to know why I'm so excited (YEAH!) you should check out this month's Newsletter.

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March 2010 Newsletter

Yeah, read through that... Now I can see that grin on your face ;P

Ravenwood School of Magical Arts Welcomes Spring Competition

The winds of spring are blowing across Wizard City, and with them come the fresh spirit of competition. Inspired by Earth’s finest athletes at their winter games, Wizards from every school and many worlds of the Spiral are ready to set forth on grand new adventures with their loyal pets alongside them, with exciting new activities and fresh challenges soon to come.

When asked what’s in store for pet-owners, Merle Ambrose, headmaster of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, replied: “This spring, pets will be able to do more than you have ever dared hope! These fine creatures will serve alongside you in wonderful new ways, taking you to unseen parts of familiar worlds, and in time to come, worlds beyond those you know! If you think you have seen all that the Spiral has to offer, young Wizard, you will soon discover an all new breed of entertainment!”

When asked to elaborate, Ambrose replied cryptically, “The answer you seek may be in the stars... or it just might be there alongside you.”

CELESTIA! WHOOPEEE! This is actually really factual. We now know that...

1. Wizard City is awesome (though that was already obvious)
2. Krokotopia is less awesome than Wizard City (:P)
3. Piggles have grown chubbier in the last decade
4. Ninja Pigs will sneak up on Manders and massacre them

All jokes aside, these are the facts :P

1. Celestia will be underwater themed (or it will have floating crabs O.o)
2. There will be a new release with pets.

Hmm. Wonder what Merle's last sentence was about.
“The answer you seek may be in the stars... or it just might be there alongside you.”
Alongside you? Maybe something to do with the new quests? Maybe they're release a new star pet! lolz. It would be funny to have a star boinging alongside me :P

Oh, doh. I completely forgot to tell those who don't know about Celestia that about Celestia XD

Celestia is the topic of many threads over at Wizard101 Central. Celestia is the rumored "New World" because it has been hinted at in two quests.

One is by Shelus Gruffheart in Firecat Alley. He wants you to reclaim a Celestian artifact as one of his quests.

And then Mr. Rowley in Hyde Park wants you to get back his Celestian wristwatch.

These are hints that there is a world called Celestia.

People have gone to think that "Celestia" has something to do with the word "celestial" which is related to the sky or air.

And it looks like it might just be underwater :P(Unless there are flying crabs but that would be creepy O. O)

Hmm... So what do you think of this?

~Happy Wizarding

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just added a thing that says where the people viewing my blog are...


Wait, that's just me :O


Happy Wizarding!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pat O'Gold and wait for it... BLUE FIRECATS?!?!

March 01

Hello again, young Wizards!
I'm Pat O'Gold and I'm here until St. Patrick's Day!

You can find me in the Wizard City Shopping District by the fountain. I've got wands and staffs and even a happy little pet! Remember I only accept Crowns.


Gift Cards coming soon to Target
Wizard101 Gift Cards are coming soon to Target USA!

We'll keep you up to date as the release date gets closer, but know that the new pet for Target is an icey cat shown on the left.

Just like the other gift card pets, the stats of the pet will change each month, so keep watch on the Gift Cards Page for more information!


HOW DARE YOU REMIND US, PAT O'GOLD, that you only sell stuff for crowns eh?

:( Sell stuff for gold! C'mon! You only accept CROWNS huh...

The good news is that she's coming to town, the bad news is that all of her clothes are for crowns, so no Elvey Pet for me :O

Anyways, the cards coming to target sounds cool.

You know what that picture reminds me of? This. Right here.

That was Friendly Necromancer's Interview with Terry Dietz, who has contributed artwork to the fan art section. He makes models. Go ahead and read the interview.

Anyways, he was talking about how he wished he could have a blue firecat. :P Gotta love that model too.
That picture... Y'know the one I showed with the News? Hmm.... *thinks*
I'm bored.
*drinks hot chocolate*
*thinks some more*
hmm... maybe a blue firecat wil be the theme for the Target Gift Cards?
We'll find out! I'm definetely emailing Friendly over this,
~Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Go ahead and click on that. It's a big graphic.

Here comes the beginning of FRED'S COMIX!!