Monday, February 15, 2010


February 15

Another Friendship Festival EndsIt's that time of year, again, young Wizards. Time for me to pack my bags and take my leave of the Spiral until the next Friendship Festival. I'm so happy that so many piggles have found good homes this year, and have fun casting your spells with those decorative wands.I'll be here for a little longer but expect me to leave the Spiral later today. Happy Friendship Festival everyone!❤Valentina

Bye Valentina! Wave goodbye to Valentina! Bye!

Anyways in the life of Fred FirePants I have just done my first mob battle quest in Dragonspyre!
*Defeat Rotting Fodder Hobos until you obtain a Key

The problem was that Colossus Hobos kept getting in the way ;_;

I eventually got it after like five battles with two friends... we went through like 15 enemies... >.>

People must have thought I was crazy, because I kept on shouting "DARN YOU COLOSSUS HOBOS" and "DIE DIE DIE ROTTING FODDER HOBOS" and "I've got the Rotting Fodder Hobo, you get the Colossus Hobo"

For those of you that don't understand FirePantsSpeech, that means that these stupid colossus called "Rock Reavers" kept on interfering with my quest that said "Defeat Loathsome Creepers until you get the Key" by going into my battles with Loathsome Creepers. So I ended up killing alot of Colossus for nothing. Plus, I got the key after defeating like 15 925 health enemies... and I call any monster that staggers blindly like an oaf a "hobo". The Loathsome Creepers were Ghouls, so I called them Rotting Fodder Hobos. So ha.


Happy Wizarding

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