Monday, March 1, 2010

Pat O'Gold and wait for it... BLUE FIRECATS?!?!

March 01

Hello again, young Wizards!
I'm Pat O'Gold and I'm here until St. Patrick's Day!

You can find me in the Wizard City Shopping District by the fountain. I've got wands and staffs and even a happy little pet! Remember I only accept Crowns.


Gift Cards coming soon to Target
Wizard101 Gift Cards are coming soon to Target USA!

We'll keep you up to date as the release date gets closer, but know that the new pet for Target is an icey cat shown on the left.

Just like the other gift card pets, the stats of the pet will change each month, so keep watch on the Gift Cards Page for more information!


HOW DARE YOU REMIND US, PAT O'GOLD, that you only sell stuff for crowns eh?

:( Sell stuff for gold! C'mon! You only accept CROWNS huh...

The good news is that she's coming to town, the bad news is that all of her clothes are for crowns, so no Elvey Pet for me :O

Anyways, the cards coming to target sounds cool.

You know what that picture reminds me of? This. Right here.

That was Friendly Necromancer's Interview with Terry Dietz, who has contributed artwork to the fan art section. He makes models. Go ahead and read the interview.

Anyways, he was talking about how he wished he could have a blue firecat. :P Gotta love that model too.
That picture... Y'know the one I showed with the News? Hmm.... *thinks*
I'm bored.
*drinks hot chocolate*
*thinks some more*
hmm... maybe a blue firecat wil be the theme for the Target Gift Cards?
We'll find out! I'm definetely emailing Friendly over this,
~Happy Wizarding!


  1. when does the frost cat come out?

  2. How do you get the blue fiercer and when does it come out