Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm sorry I haven't posted in, like, what, forever. But I had a few problems with Blogger. So here is my random post of the day(AKA, random rant of the day)

My first problem was that blogger wasn't exactly functioning correctly.

IN FRENCH! I know, right? <.<;;"
It wasn't SO serious. Just everything appeared in french and I couldn't read anything. I figured that it was fine as long as I could read other people's blogs, because, after all, other people typed in ENGLISH, and I don't think Blogger translates things.
Friendly's Site works!
Meh, it was fine, but, suddenly, I noticed the thingamajig in the top left corner.
And I KNEW I was not going to be able to carry on forever seeing stuff like THAT.
And so I hunted for the switcher-back-to-english-magic-button, which was hard because all the text was in french. But then I found the magic drop-down box.

Even I'm smart enough to figure out "Langue" means "Language"
So I scrolled down to the "E" Section, and couldn't find English. Then I realized all the "Langue" names were in french. And, I can safely say the English-Spanish translator was no help.
(Click to view full-size, as resizing this image would make all the words go away)
I decided to find some other way, and whaddya know, the "Langue" names were in their home language to the right of the Francais word.

And so, I was able to access my blog :P

Three cheers for my stupidity!

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip *trips over nothing* OUCH!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Inside the grate!!

This is a new print. :)

Okay, photo booth times- are probably over :P Maybe a few more, meh, but here are more funny pics.

I recently got inside the grate in Olde Town, and here are a few screenshots... :P

Well, now I know what it looks like underneath the olde town path. And I think I see Gloria Krendel's feet... and the smith.

Wow. If you're walking ON the path, it looks pretty neat. However, when you're BELOW the path, you start wondering how it can hold all those people.

Wow, the waterfall just goes on forever...and ever... and, aw now I'm dizzy.

Oh yes, and vote on the poll, it's about to close~!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


these pictures do not fit on my blog, so click on them to view them full-size. Oh yes, and I give a long boring commentary in the post below this one, so SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL :D :D :D

:P :P :P

Random idea..

OK, I had a weird idea yesterday, of making a photo booth inside my house. Unfortunately, at the time, I was broke, and only had two hundred gold. I wanted the Starfield Wallpaper from Marleybone and the Grassy Wallpaper from Wizard City to make the photo booth look like it was outdoors. I also needed two bookshelves to form the walls of the booth. Everything else I already had inside my house from previous quests and stuff. So, the problem was that that would cost 2,300 gold, which might not be a lot for most people, but like I said, I was broke. >_>

So I had a big debate thing, should I sell all the random clothes I had, or should I not?

I eventually sold all my useless clothes, and earned 1000 gold. I bought the Grass Flooring.

I was like, "ARRRGGGHHH, I need 1,300 more gold!"

Later in that day, a few friends who were farming Jade Oni asked me to join. I did, and sold all his useless drops for about 2,000 gold. I was once again "[in](e)ternally happy". I bought everything and got broke once more. But I made my photo booth! Sadly, it did not live to my expectations O_O;;

If you would like to see the pictures, I will post them in the post above this one...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clockworks hate me..?

I am VERY bored with Marleybone currently. I am PUSHING myself to EACH and EVERY side quest, and... uh, I'm getting bored. I felt very happy with myself for completing Ernest Haldings' first quest in Chelsea Court, which, by the way, is one of those quests where you fight something over and over again until you get an object, which, you have, like, a 10-20% chance of getting. Defeating these dumb clockworks. I fought, like, 40 of them and I finally got the internal gear. I was "[in](e)ternally" happy. I was like, "I DEFEATED 40 CLOCKWORKS! I CAN TAKE ANYTHING ON! EXCEPT MORE CLOCKWORKS!" Well, when I found out my next quest was to do to fight more clockworks, and collect another 10-20% chance item, I felt the urge to yell at Ernest Haldings and tell him "THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO DO YOUR SECOND QUEST!" But, of course, the part of me that is OBSESSED with doing side quests won over.

So I fought like 15 more clockworks.

The whole time I slaughtered poor little clockworks for a greedy mutt who wanted spare parts, I think I made their village mad. Because, after that, I had bad luck each time I faced them.

For Example: Look at the picture on the left- EGAD! ONE HEALTH!

And from then on, in ALL my battles against clockworks, they attacked me, not one of the other two random guys O. O

Let me advise you, don't get on their bad side. >_>

Fred Firepants, AKA Harold Argleston