Saturday, March 13, 2010


I hate tower hobos more than mob hobos in Dragonspyre.

I hate you, tower hobos
with your freaky smiles
and your weird grins
I think you are vile

I hate you, tower hobos
And your towers too
Clear out the place
It's dusty and has cobwebs too

I hate you, tower hobos
My friends can't port in
And you keep on
annoying me with your freakish grins

I hate you, tower hobos,
just standing there on a floor,
You have no life
Just kick the bucket out the door

I hate you, tower hobos
But I hate the quest-giver even more
the guy that says Go and fight
a million enemies that dementedly roar

I hate you quest-givers
Why don't you help me?
instead of standing there
loitering like a hobo

Tower hobos, quest-givers
you are all the same
Just kick the bucket
give me the loot
Don't give me a hard time

For it's all the same!

1 comment:

  1. I need help, is it better to farm General Akilles for the Blue Ghost or just wait until someone sells it at the bazaar?

    I fought him 163 times exactly, with no ghost.
    Please help if you can. Love the blog.