Saturday, February 27, 2010


Go ahead and click on that. It's a big graphic.

Here comes the beginning of FRED'S COMIX!!


New Abracadoodle!

See the latest in the story of a young Wizard and his ongoing efforts to succeed at Ravenwood. To see the comic and browse the archives in case you missed any, visit our Abracadoodle Page.
Talking about comics, I may just start one ~_^

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ask Freddy a Question!

OK, so I got a question! Finally! Let's see who it was from...

From %#&$girl123:

saw ur profile pic and thought u were cute will you marry me?

Errr... no?

And that's all for today O. O *spookedout*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poll closed, Explanations, and KingsIsle: "We saw that cheatin' yer did thar!"

I was gone for four days... sigh... what happens when you're really busy I guess XD

Did anyone miss me?

*awkward silence*

Okkkaayy... I'm sure that Friendly over thar probably would have 50 people comment on why he wasn't there to blog if he left for four days :P

lol. Now, the poll has closed, so here are the results.

Fire, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
6 (35%)

Fire because it's hot! OWWW
4 (23%)

Fire because you get to summon weird elephants you can call onis >:)
5 (29%)

Ice, cause it's freezing! Brrr... @.@
0 (0%)

Ice, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
1 (5%)

Ice because you can call all of your frost giants Santa and all of your Snowmen Frosty >:)
2 (11%)

Storm, cuz it's awesome, ' nuff said
3 (17%)

Storm because it's electrifying and you can play with static electricity! *shocks friend*
3 (17%)

Storm cause you can call your stormzillas Barney O:
3 (17%)

Life cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
2 (11%)

Life cause you can heal people
3 (17%)

Life cause you can summon and have pet Unicorns. UNICORNS FTW!
1 (5%)

Death cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
2 (11%)

Death cause you get a skull on your symbol that you can photoshop and otherwise manipulate at will!
2 (11%)

Death cause you can scream at Rotting Fodders. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON MY SIDE"
4 (23%)

Myth, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
1 (5%)

Myth because of the minions! BANHAMMER!
1 (5%)

Myth cause you got the only attacks with one eye and gain bragging rights :P
5 (29%)

Balance, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
2 (11%)

Balance because it's errrr... balanceful! :D yeah.
3 (17%)

Balance, because hopefully if I say that Balance is my favorite school Judgement will marry me >.>
2 (11%)


The winner is "Fire 'cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said" XD How did I know that would win?

Thanks to all who voted!

Remember that all schools are equal, and there is no best school possible exception: fire so don't worry XP

Let's see all the news that I have missed! *looks in "In" bin*

O. O ZOMG *dies*

The Price of Exploiting
Recently players found an exploit that allowed them to unfairly obtain the new winged mounts. Players who participated in this exploit will have the items removed from their accounts. We will be recovering the item(s) and issuing a credit to the account equal to the gold amount paid. Players may experience disconnects while this inventory recall takes place. Players are welcome to re-purchase the item(s) according to the posted Crown pricing. If you participated in this exploit, know that we will not tolerate abuse of the systems in place. Using exploits in game is a violation of the Terms of Use and continued exploitation may result in permanent account bans.
Wow. You're lucky they didn't take yar gold too. I'm not gonna rant on the topic.... well maybe I am.

I never have been a big cheater in video games, because it just doesn't make me comfortable. I don't feel like I earned something if I just bought it with crowns or used an Action Replay :I I don't get why other people find exploits and use them... sure, you could be the big powerful guy but you'll never feel like you earned the stuff. The game won't be fun anymore. It not only is unfair to other players it also makes you feel bad. Also, you may get banned from the entire game. SO DON'T DO IT!

And now it is time for me to sign off! See ya around and...
Happy Wizarding! ~FF~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did you know?

Those annoying messages that pop-up when I quit Wiz101 displayed something interesting today.


lol. Why even bother putting up that message? Everyone knows that I: Talking about 2d displays, I hate the low-level wizards who wear random clothing cause there's no level restrictions and look like myth wizards when they're really life wizards XD But now's not the time to rant.

I should really upload another random picture of the day. Come to think of it, I haven't updated my Wiz101 Central album in.... oh I'll do it now.

~Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Die, Petrov!

Yes! Now that Petrov Gloomstrider is down, so is the rest of the world! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

OK... maybe it isn't. But still, it was fun helephanting the heck out of a wizard and his colossus hobo minion (Rock Reaver) :D And now I get to activate the third crystal! Yippe! Now the only thing stopping me from finishing the tower archives is one more tower, and Katalin Nightseeker's side quest line.

As soon as she told me I had to fight Skeletal Pirate Hobos until I got a Note (Pirate Ravager) I just flipped out.

*Insert picture of my character shounting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"*

Remember it's always better to pretend ;) *rainbow appears*

Happy Wizarding and have fun with dem wings!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Update that Everybody else probably posted before Me

Clicky click on that link :D
New! New! New!
Starting in the early hours of February 18th, the SHOP will carry some new items!

New Mounts!
One of the most requested Mount additions has been a pair of wings, and we've got TWO for you to choose from: Seraph Wings and Bat Wings. Both types of wings can be purchased for either gender! These Mounts are only available to purchase from the Crowns Shop for Crowns, but they can also be found on high level bosses of the Spiral!

New Weapons
Sometimes a wand just doesn't make quite the statement you were going for, so here are three Epic Weapons: The Ascendant Staff, the Phosphorescent Maul and the Cerulean Edge! Like the new Mounts, these weapons are only available to purchase from the Crowns Shop for Crowns, but they can also be found on high level bosses of the Spiral!

New Outfits
Those of you who remember the old retired Crowns gear will rejoice, these two new Epic outfits are made up from very powerful items with crazy powerful stats and cards! These items DO have a level restriction on them, but any level Wizard can buy them! If you see a small lock icon on these items in the SHOP that only indicates you cannot WEAR the item now, but you can purchase it, and store it for later. Again, these items are only available to purchase from the Crowns Shop for Crowns, but they can also be found on high level bosses of the Spiral (the bosses drop the individual items, not the entire sets).

These high level additions are just the beginning of new items that will be introduced to the Crowns Shop, because a young Wizard must be prepared for things to come....
So go ahead and keep a eye for me on dem shops :P It's really awesome.

In case you're wondering where I was yesterday, I was at my house crying over the power failure. Hopefully I'll get on Wizard today XD

~Happy Wizarding!

Monday, February 15, 2010


February 15

Another Friendship Festival EndsIt's that time of year, again, young Wizards. Time for me to pack my bags and take my leave of the Spiral until the next Friendship Festival. I'm so happy that so many piggles have found good homes this year, and have fun casting your spells with those decorative wands.I'll be here for a little longer but expect me to leave the Spiral later today. Happy Friendship Festival everyone!❤Valentina

Bye Valentina! Wave goodbye to Valentina! Bye!

Anyways in the life of Fred FirePants I have just done my first mob battle quest in Dragonspyre!
*Defeat Rotting Fodder Hobos until you obtain a Key

The problem was that Colossus Hobos kept getting in the way ;_;

I eventually got it after like five battles with two friends... we went through like 15 enemies... >.>

People must have thought I was crazy, because I kept on shouting "DARN YOU COLOSSUS HOBOS" and "DIE DIE DIE ROTTING FODDER HOBOS" and "I've got the Rotting Fodder Hobo, you get the Colossus Hobo"

For those of you that don't understand FirePantsSpeech, that means that these stupid colossus called "Rock Reavers" kept on interfering with my quest that said "Defeat Loathsome Creepers until you get the Key" by going into my battles with Loathsome Creepers. So I ended up killing alot of Colossus for nothing. Plus, I got the key after defeating like 15 925 health enemies... and I call any monster that staggers blindly like an oaf a "hobo". The Loathsome Creepers were Ghouls, so I called them Rotting Fodder Hobos. So ha.


Happy Wizarding

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Poll of Randomness

Lol, check out my poll, up below my header and above this post! You can pick which school is best with millions of possibilities! :D If you choose the choice at the very bottom you have no life btw... (jk :p) Go ahead and vote! I'm shipping out my valentines currently... Hopefully people will forget the lack of chocolate and appreciate the one small gummy candy I attached... hey, I was on a budget, and $2.99 for 24 seemed like an awfully nice deal xP

Oh, and in game I just reached Dragonspyre, land of the annoying 1000 health mobs... >.> I'm scared to fight them in that creepy music... no seriously, I'm creeped out at Dragonspyre O. O I wish I could have a Mooshu2 instead of a Dragonspyre... *sigh* but you can't have everything in life...

Happy Wizarding! And don't forget to vote!

Merry...err I mean Happy Valentine's Day

Yay! It's Valentine's Day, and it's chinese new year soooo, I would like to wish you all a spectacular Valentine's Day! and Chinese New Year

Anyways methinks some celebration is in order! :D I would love to give out packs of trading cards but they cost crowns and my dad would kill me if I wasted crowns sooooooooo....

Anyhow, I can still buy them from the bazaar, so if you comment here with your friend code and wizard name I might throw together a bazaar pack for you :P

Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twitter News

MerleAmbrose: Q: What does Cyrus Drake have you fetch from the Myth Tower?


W101ForParent: Have some extra time? Catch up on children Internet safety laws, precautions and tips to keep your little ones safe!

Mindstorms! :D

What's robotic, lego, and kewl? I'll give you a guess...

I said GUESSS!
Okay, what does that have to do with anything? Give up yet?


And I went crazy with it :D

I made a robot that pinched people, then made a fanfare when people yelled at me, and said "Well Done!" Sadly my mom didn't like my sense of humor :O x sigh x But it was still really fun! :P Oh, and what does this have to do with Wizard101? Nothing! :D

Friday, February 12, 2010


Now that friendly has revealed his secret website, it is time to make trading cards!



The website Friendly uses to make trading cards

Err... I wonder if I was allowed to do that O.O

Anyways, I also gotta keep you updated on news...

February 11

Happy Birthday to the Syndicate!
Congratulations to The Syndicate for 14 years in online gaming!

"Established in early 1996, The Syndicate® is the most successful Virtual Community in the history of Online Gaming."
To learn more about the Syndicate, visit their website at

New Abracadoodle!
See the latest in the story of a young Wizard and his ongoing efforts to succeed at Ravenwood. To see the comic and browse the archives in case you Check Spellingmissed any, visit our Abracadoodle Page.

Ok, that was from Ravenwood News.

Hmm. Let's check up Twitter.

W101ForParent: Attention homeschooling parents - some tips to keep your kids safe on the Internet:


And they put up the answer for the question yesterday...

MerleAmbrose: A: Ako's Father, Oka


And that would be it! Happy Wizarding :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Welll, I really went crazy... >.> Playing for like three hours straight... and I have good news and bad news! :D

good news: I got through most of the Village of Sorrow. I feel Dragonspyre coming! :D

bad news: Apparently if I play too much I get a headache.

*groan* And did you know that all of the Tylenol in our house doesn't seem to work? It must be expired or something... I never knew pills could expire... but in our house, anything can expire, even Lego Mindstorms NXT Bricks, so I'm not too surprised >.>

Speaking of which, here comes the picture of the day, taken straight from my Wizard101Central Album(soon I'm gonna run out of pics X.X)

I might as well share this one.

I really don't get why this dropped from that Evil Wraith thing. O.O Maybe I'll go ahead and post it on Central... Yeah I'll do that.

Happy Wizarding!

I love long weekends :D

Long weekends mean one thing, ME GETTING ON WIZARD101! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Me getting on Wiz101 right now! :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Problem With Fred

Sighhhh... I wish I could get on Wizard101 on weekdays, but I really can only make it on weekends... Gasp, maybe I'll try to log on now! :D

*mom yells at me*

Or not....... >.>

It kind of sucks that since I can't get on, I've been reduced to posting news and pictures X.X

So here's todays news and pictures!

Twitter News
MerleAmbrose: Q: Who is the only mander to fight in the Grand Arena?
Answer Here

And the picture taken from my Wizard101 Central Album! :D


And so concludes my blog post! *disappears*

Happy Wizarding

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Wow! Wizard101 released its first iTouch/iPhone application! It's a game called WizardBLOX that is a copy of the minigame Sorcery Stones but with a touch screen! You can get all sorts of prizes... like elixers, transformations, and even MOUNT RENTALS! Wow! :D And best of all it's FREE!



So now I'm wishing I had an iPhone :(

Anyways, to the links.
Ravenwood News
Download the App Today!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What happens when you Combine a Cow and a Pig

AH!! IT'S A COW PIG!!!!!!!!!!!

Twitter News, Showers, Pictures! Ack!

Hey there!

Well, today they put up some stuff on Twitter. Why do people do all the fun stuff while I'm stuck in school? ;(

Anyways, check this out.

Twitter News: 8 Hours Ago "What did Abigail Doolittle accuse Wadsworth of Stealing?"

Twitter News(for Parents): 1 Hour Ago "W101ForParent: Congrats! RT @TeamMom I'm the Women Business Owners Volunteer of the month and in their January Issue"

Anyways.... Here's the picture of the day, taken straight from my Wizard101Central Album! X.X

Why are you looking at me Ideyoshi you pervert!

Blah. No real news today :I I never seem to be able to get on Wizard101 on weekdays.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Printable Valentines and Floating Reagents

Well, There are Printable Valentine Cards available at the website. For Valentine's Day, you could send out valentines with your referral friend code on them! What a great way to rip people off and get crowns get others to play Wizard101 and net a couple extra crowns while you're at it!


Ravenwood News
Get your Referral Code
Valentine Printouts

By the way, here's the random picture of the day.

Yay, flowers float! Reagent collecting is fun!

Any of you experience this issue? :P

Anyways, Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ravenwood News

Yo! They updated the Ravenwood News and Newsletter a while back. First of all, there's a newsletter about secret trainers and shopkeepers. Clickey here. It also talks about the second book in Harold Argleston's book club. For those of you that don't know, that's where Harold posts a recommended book each month. This month's book(err series) is called the Chronicles of Prydain. I'll go read one maybe in my spare time :)

Also you probably know that Valentina Heartsong is back, and she's selling stuff. To view what she sells, go ahead and click here! :)

I'm sure most of those items are dropped if you're stingy with your crowns. View them here.

There's also the Ravenwood News of course.

There's a new Abracadoodle, a Twitter Giveaway, plus a poll! Go ahead, check it out!

Happy Wizarding!(finally a catcphrase lol)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friendly's TCG!

I know this is late, but Friendly made me a trading card! Here it is in all its epicness.

...and now I have to go before my mom kills me. Cya!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well yeah, I'm bored :P If anyone wants to ask me a question just go ahead and comment. It sucks to have limited computer time. So limited I can't even get onto Wizard101. Well. Here's my random screenshot of the day.

Ironic isn't it.

Actually... uh you might wanna click on that

So, to all you wizards out there, (steals TFN's catchphrase) HAPPY DUELING!