Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm sorry I haven't posted in, like, what, forever. But I had a few problems with Blogger. So here is my random post of the day(AKA, random rant of the day)

My first problem was that blogger wasn't exactly functioning correctly.

IN FRENCH! I know, right? <.<;;"
It wasn't SO serious. Just everything appeared in french and I couldn't read anything. I figured that it was fine as long as I could read other people's blogs, because, after all, other people typed in ENGLISH, and I don't think Blogger translates things.
Friendly's Site works!
Meh, it was fine, but, suddenly, I noticed the thingamajig in the top left corner.
And I KNEW I was not going to be able to carry on forever seeing stuff like THAT.
And so I hunted for the switcher-back-to-english-magic-button, which was hard because all the text was in french. But then I found the magic drop-down box.

Even I'm smart enough to figure out "Langue" means "Language"
So I scrolled down to the "E" Section, and couldn't find English. Then I realized all the "Langue" names were in french. And, I can safely say the English-Spanish translator was no help.
(Click to view full-size, as resizing this image would make all the words go away)
I decided to find some other way, and whaddya know, the "Langue" names were in their home language to the right of the Francais word.

And so, I was able to access my blog :P

Three cheers for my stupidity!

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip *trips over nothing* OUCH!


  1. Fred! Go ahead and send me your card information to my e-mail address and I'll make you a card. :-)

    Wizard Name:
    Wizard School:
    Favorite Spell:
    Favorite Saying:
    Favorite title:
    Made up title of your own:

    Attach a picture to that email too please! Thanks!

  2. FREEEEEEEDDDDDDDD! Burn! I found yooouuu....! Oh yeah Sammeh has found yooouusss!