Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random idea..

OK, I had a weird idea yesterday, of making a photo booth inside my house. Unfortunately, at the time, I was broke, and only had two hundred gold. I wanted the Starfield Wallpaper from Marleybone and the Grassy Wallpaper from Wizard City to make the photo booth look like it was outdoors. I also needed two bookshelves to form the walls of the booth. Everything else I already had inside my house from previous quests and stuff. So, the problem was that that would cost 2,300 gold, which might not be a lot for most people, but like I said, I was broke. >_>

So I had a big debate thing, should I sell all the random clothes I had, or should I not?

I eventually sold all my useless clothes, and earned 1000 gold. I bought the Grass Flooring.

I was like, "ARRRGGGHHH, I need 1,300 more gold!"

Later in that day, a few friends who were farming Jade Oni asked me to join. I did, and sold all his useless drops for about 2,000 gold. I was once again "[in](e)ternally happy". I bought everything and got broke once more. But I made my photo booth! Sadly, it did not live to my expectations O_O;;

If you would like to see the pictures, I will post them in the post above this one...

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