Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Poll of Randomness

Lol, check out my poll, up below my header and above this post! You can pick which school is best with millions of possibilities! :D If you choose the choice at the very bottom you have no life btw... (jk :p) Go ahead and vote! I'm shipping out my valentines currently... Hopefully people will forget the lack of chocolate and appreciate the one small gummy candy I attached... hey, I was on a budget, and $2.99 for 24 seemed like an awfully nice deal xP

Oh, and in game I just reached Dragonspyre, land of the annoying 1000 health mobs... >.> I'm scared to fight them in that creepy music... no seriously, I'm creeped out at Dragonspyre O. O I wish I could have a Mooshu2 instead of a Dragonspyre... *sigh* but you can't have everything in life...

Happy Wizarding! And don't forget to vote!

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