Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ravenwood News

Yo! They updated the Ravenwood News and Newsletter a while back. First of all, there's a newsletter about secret trainers and shopkeepers. Clickey here. It also talks about the second book in Harold Argleston's book club. For those of you that don't know, that's where Harold posts a recommended book each month. This month's book(err series) is called the Chronicles of Prydain. I'll go read one maybe in my spare time :)

Also you probably know that Valentina Heartsong is back, and she's selling stuff. To view what she sells, go ahead and click here! :)

I'm sure most of those items are dropped if you're stingy with your crowns. View them here.

There's also the Ravenwood News of course.

There's a new Abracadoodle, a Twitter Giveaway, plus a poll! Go ahead, check it out!

Happy Wizarding!(finally a catcphrase lol)

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