Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poll closed, Explanations, and KingsIsle: "We saw that cheatin' yer did thar!"

I was gone for four days... sigh... what happens when you're really busy I guess XD

Did anyone miss me?

*awkward silence*

Okkkaayy... I'm sure that Friendly over thar probably would have 50 people comment on why he wasn't there to blog if he left for four days :P

lol. Now, the poll has closed, so here are the results.

Fire, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
6 (35%)

Fire because it's hot! OWWW
4 (23%)

Fire because you get to summon weird elephants you can call onis >:)
5 (29%)

Ice, cause it's freezing! Brrr... @.@
0 (0%)

Ice, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
1 (5%)

Ice because you can call all of your frost giants Santa and all of your Snowmen Frosty >:)
2 (11%)

Storm, cuz it's awesome, ' nuff said
3 (17%)

Storm because it's electrifying and you can play with static electricity! *shocks friend*
3 (17%)

Storm cause you can call your stormzillas Barney O:
3 (17%)

Life cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
2 (11%)

Life cause you can heal people
3 (17%)

Life cause you can summon and have pet Unicorns. UNICORNS FTW!
1 (5%)

Death cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
2 (11%)

Death cause you get a skull on your symbol that you can photoshop and otherwise manipulate at will!
2 (11%)

Death cause you can scream at Rotting Fodders. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON MY SIDE"
4 (23%)

Myth, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
1 (5%)

Myth because of the minions! BANHAMMER!
1 (5%)

Myth cause you got the only attacks with one eye and gain bragging rights :P
5 (29%)

Balance, cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said
2 (11%)

Balance because it's errrr... balanceful! :D yeah.
3 (17%)

Balance, because hopefully if I say that Balance is my favorite school Judgement will marry me >.>
2 (11%)


The winner is "Fire 'cuz it's awesome, 'nuff said" XD How did I know that would win?

Thanks to all who voted!

Remember that all schools are equal, and there is no best school possible exception: fire so don't worry XP

Let's see all the news that I have missed! *looks in "In" bin*

O. O ZOMG *dies*

The Price of Exploiting
Recently players found an exploit that allowed them to unfairly obtain the new winged mounts. Players who participated in this exploit will have the items removed from their accounts. We will be recovering the item(s) and issuing a credit to the account equal to the gold amount paid. Players may experience disconnects while this inventory recall takes place. Players are welcome to re-purchase the item(s) according to the posted Crown pricing. If you participated in this exploit, know that we will not tolerate abuse of the systems in place. Using exploits in game is a violation of the Terms of Use and continued exploitation may result in permanent account bans.
Wow. You're lucky they didn't take yar gold too. I'm not gonna rant on the topic.... well maybe I am.

I never have been a big cheater in video games, because it just doesn't make me comfortable. I don't feel like I earned something if I just bought it with crowns or used an Action Replay :I I don't get why other people find exploits and use them... sure, you could be the big powerful guy but you'll never feel like you earned the stuff. The game won't be fun anymore. It not only is unfair to other players it also makes you feel bad. Also, you may get banned from the entire game. SO DON'T DO IT!

And now it is time for me to sign off! See ya around and...
Happy Wizarding! ~FF~

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