Monday, February 8, 2010

Twitter News, Showers, Pictures! Ack!

Hey there!

Well, today they put up some stuff on Twitter. Why do people do all the fun stuff while I'm stuck in school? ;(

Anyways, check this out.

Twitter News: 8 Hours Ago "What did Abigail Doolittle accuse Wadsworth of Stealing?"

Twitter News(for Parents): 1 Hour Ago "W101ForParent: Congrats! RT @TeamMom I'm the Women Business Owners Volunteer of the month and in their January Issue"

Anyways.... Here's the picture of the day, taken straight from my Wizard101Central Album! X.X

Why are you looking at me Ideyoshi you pervert!

Blah. No real news today :I I never seem to be able to get on Wizard101 on weekdays.

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